Due to the large and rapid progress of technology, and the huge changes in the market today is very difficult to survive by doing this old craft. Therefore, we were forced to certain changes in the technique of making jewelry, and again we tried to preserve its authenticity.

In our workshop we do provide the following services:

  • Repair of damaged jewelry
  • Restoration of old jewelry
  • Cleaning jewelry
  • Engraving on jewelry
  • Creating custom jewelry with your design

All above services require great expertise because sometimes they can be very demanding. It often happens that people bring jewelry that is an incompetent person permanently destroyed. At each of our work, we give a guarantee. When this is not possible we say that this repair is not worth it. 

Do you have any special wishes or want something that is almost impossible to find in stores? Maybe some unusual jewelry, or any specific silver items like coins, badges, plaques, medals, etc. We can do almost everything for you. Just bring us a sample or photo of objects or jewelry, and we will do it