Our Services

We can offer a wide range of services:

- Creating custom jewelry, it is enough to bring a picture or sketch of the desired items.

- Restoration of old jewelry, this is a very sensitive job and requires great care and expertise.

- Classical repairs, of silver jewelry

- Engraving, we do all kinds of engraving: computer & manually engraving, engraving photograph,fingerprint and wedding rings

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Engraving is a technical procedure grooving design (lines, ornaments, signs, drawings) in a hard, flat surface, usually by creating ruts in it. In the beginning there was only hand engraving....


Custom products and jewelry repair

In our workshop we do provide the following services: Repair of damaged jewelry Restoration of old jewelry Cleaning jewelry Engraving on jewelry Creating custom jewelry All above services require great...


Jewelry design

Are you jewelery designer? Do you have any special wishes or want something that is almost impossible to find in stores? Maybe some unusual jewelry, or any specific silver items like coins, badges,...

About Us

Becar family's filigree and silver-work shop has tradition since 1961. We make ornaments from silver in filigree but also in classic technique. However,  this handicraft belongs to art-crafts. Filigree is specifically remarkable for its beauty, where ornaments are made from thin silver or gold wire that knits and bends almost in perfect forms. This requires handicraftsman's great patience and skill.



Pratite sve novosti, vijesti i aktivnosti koje nas očekuju u narednom periodu

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3 Days in Sarajevo

...A family-run business since 1961, BećArt (Gazi Husref-begova 30, Sarajevo) is a filigree and...


Graviranje na Bosančici

Od nedavno u ponudi imamo i graviranje na Bosančici. Na ovaj način želimo dati doprinos očuvanju...


Nagradna igra: Dizajnirajte svoj nakit

Da li ste možda nekada maštali o nekom komadu nakita koji niste mogli nigdje kupiti?Da li se...

Our references

We have a long tradition of over 50 years, and tis is old craft. That's why we often guests of exhibitions and we participated in many projects.

In this section you can see some of our references, and the recognition that we have received.

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Forgotten souls

"Forgotten Souls" is the title of the exhibition of the famous Bosnian Herzegovinian artists Senad Pezo....


„Traditional arts and crafts in Bosnia and Herzegovina“

Now a UNESCO confirmed that our work really traditional and have great value. In their book...


Days of Culture of Sarajevo City in Vienna

"Days of Culture of Sarajevo City in Vienna" is an event that was in May 2008 was organized by the...