2014th - Assigned certificate "Original Quality Sarajevo"
2010th - World Expo 2010 - Shanghai
2010th - Member associations of artists ULUPUBIH
2009th - "Caftsman - the keepers of the Baščaršija tradition" - Green Design, Collegium Artisticum 
2008th - "Days of Sarajevo in Vienna"
2008th - Exhibition "Sarajevo in the works of artists" - Collegium Artisticum 
2007th - IHM in Munich
2006-2008 - "Izmir International Fair," three times
2005-2010 - "Sarajevo crafts preserved through the ages," six times
2005th - Exhibition with Senad Pezo " Forgotten Souls"
2005th - UNESCO "Traditional Arts and Crafts in Bosnia and Herzegovina"
2003rd - IHM in Munich

The collection of jewelry made for the FDS (design Amna Kunovac Zekić)




This jewelry is used for advertising FDS "perfect harmony"




Collection of silver jewelry made for the designer Amna Kunovac-Zekić



The collection of jewelry, "AR" made for the Sarajevo designer Amela Radan. (photo: belt buckles made of silver).



Sarajevo Fashion week and "HAAD". Belt buckles "Haad" and zipper "Haad", made of silver





Various badges, cuff etc. (EUFOR, IMG, Volksbank, Sarajevo Insurance)



Award Isa Beg Ishaković made of wood and silver and Award ceremony for the Mayor of Zagreb