Engraving is a technical procedure grooving design (lines, ornaments, signs, drawings) in a hard, flat surface, usually by creating ruts in it.

In the beginning there was only hand engraving. Engravers are used hand engraving tool for grooving design in surface. Tool can have many shapes and sizes, each of which provides different types of lines. In this process a master tool held in the hand, and the top (blade) tool performs grooving line.

Modern technology has enabled a variety of mechanical systems engraving. One of them is pantographs, that lever system to transmit engraving pattern on a particular subject. The size can be changed in relation to the gravure pattern. There pantographs for engraving on flat surfaces and inside rings.

There is also a computer CNC engraving (Computer Numerical Control), which gives us a lot more opportunities because the engraving machine is controlled by computer.

Thus, the process of engraving rather simplified and accelerated. CNC engraving machine allows us to very precisely engraving photos, images and texts, and each copy is identical.

Laser engraving is in relation to the CNC engraving characterized by even greater speed and precision.

We offer all kinds of engraving with pantograph and modern CNC engraving machine. We can offer:

  • Engraving on silver and gold plate
  • Engraving of rings
  • Engraving inscriptions for door
  • Engraving inscriptions for the company
  • Engraving fingerprint
  • Engraving photos

Engraving is possible to work in the Latin alphabet, Cyrillic, Arabic script, and all other languages ​​and fonts. Recently, we also offer engraving on Bosančica (Old Bosnian alphabet).

Some examples of our engraving You can look at Engraving products